Plato Analysis

Plato Analysis presents to the user a comprehensive solution and consolidation of tools that are used in performing data mining and analysis. Embedded within are advanced Query Builders able to aggregate data that spans Multiple disparate database targets, sophisticated data tables, dashboards, analyzers and graphs, and a Report Writer rivaling capabilities of the higher end report writers. Along with custom business logic through 'logic bases' for datasets, you most certainly have all you need to get started in analyzing your data right away. 

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 Plato Data Analyzer

Plato Data Analyzer is an innovative and unique tool for the collection and analysis of data. Plato Data Analyzer is an easy-to-use, multi-purpose data tracking and decision support tool. You can create a wide variety of applications that combine quick and efficient data collection and powerful dynamic reporting and graphing. Plato Data Analyzer Professional provides you with unlimited ways of designing comprehensive and complete baseline studies, focus reviews, compliance studies, competency studies, privilege profiles and more through easy to use review template and data workshops. Many distributed templates including but not limited to government mandated and in-house reviews, along with others various specialized topics centered around healthcare. Support for Yes/No/NA flagging and sliding scales.

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Plato RACTrack

Plato RACTrack is a web based tool needing very little IT involvement to get started. Tracking, trending, and analysis, automatic alerts, auto generation of appeal letters are all available for analyzing your audit claims. Audit types may be added at will. 

Easy to use, intuitive data entry for capturing RAC details provide the user an efficient means of capturing data. Also available are customizable reports, graphs, and a powerful analyzer that allows for dragging and dropping of data to present new views of the data automatically.

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