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Since 1994, CPR Technologies has forwarded the conceptual Computerized Patient Record through unique integration engine technologies, document to distribution solutions and decision support tools. CPR Technologies continues to look ahead, striving to create the best technology possible that will solve your business needs. Contact a CPR Technologies representative to see how your present and future needs may be met today.

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Plato RACTrack 

Plato RACTrack is a web application that allows hospitals to easily track, trend and analyze RAC requests.

Easy to use, intuitive data entry for capturing RAC details provide the user an efficient means of capturing data. Also available are customizable reports, graphs, and a powerful analyzer that allows for dragging and dropping of data to present new views of the data automatically.


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Reports and Analyzers

Plato RACTrack offers a number of out the box reports that accommodate common reporting needs. This would include reports for Open Requests, Tasks Due, Over/Under Payments, Quarterly Over/Under Payments, Bottom Line, and more. You can also create Letter templates that can be used for merging reporting data with a boilerplate letter intended to be sent to a caregiver.

Analyzers give Plato RACTrack its distinctive capabilities. Slice and dice your RAC data in unlimited ways. Simply drag and drop fields to row and column areas and the corresponding charts will update accordingly. Need to see Billing Charges broken down by Department. Drag and Drop the appropriate fields. Number of RAC requests broken down by Physician. Drag and Drop the appropriate fields


Quick Search 

Simply type in desired word – search results display any object in the RACTrack database containing entered text.

Search entries are stored for recall at a later time.


View all details at a glance 




View Account Information, Request Details, Actions, Reminders, and Notes associated with the request all at once. Drill down into each action/reminder/note to get the associated details.



Accounts are the patient episodes that are under consideration from the RAC auditor. Accounts may be added to the RACTrack databases via flat file and/or HL7 interfaces. Type in an account number to retrieve the episode.



The request is at the heart of the Plato RACTrack system. Requests are associated with a Patient Account record. Activities, Reminders, and Notes are attached to a Request. 





Activities are where tasks necessary for completion of the RAC Process are entered. Set Stages, Action Types, and comments.




  • Display reminders of important milestones
  • Register RAC time sensitive alerts




The notes section is where you add free form comments concerning the request. You may also upload and attachment that will be associated with the Note. Multiple Notes per request are supported.





Plato RACTrack provides common reports to accommodate most reporting needs. They are template based and typically only require date ranges and other optional parameters needed to generate the report. Also included is the ability to generate user defined Letters which incorporate you RACTrack data into a letter destined for a caregiver. 




Analyzers present a powerful way to view your data. Drag and drop docked fields to row and column areas and dynamically change the view of your data. The current analyzer view is then reflected in the corresponding chart. Use the Chart Wizard to customize the chart, e.g. Bar Charts, Pie Charts, etc. Export your analyzers to various format including PDF and Excel Spreadsheets. 




Plato RACTrack presents to the user a new and easy way to collect and analyze RAC oriented data. Create requests, associate Activities, Reminders, and Notes, and run reports and analyzers. Plato RACTrack is a web application therefore it requires no installation on user computers.

For further information on how to obtain Plato Analysis, please contact sales at 661-367-6600 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Easy to Start

Getting started with CPR Technologies is a low resource impact proposition. Contact a CPR Technologies Representative today.

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In addition to comprehensive documentation in PDF format, you also get support from our support personnel, product forums and a dedicated help desk system.


Seamless integration with healthcare processes

CPR Technologies Products provide seamless integration with existing healthcare processes and in house computer systems. Boasting 20+ years as an integration technologies company, CPR Technologies provides many off the shelf interface modules for the majority of healthcare hosts, e.g. McKesson, Cerner, Meditech and other host systems supporting a defined messaging standard.


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