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Since 1994, CPR Technologies has forwarded the conceptual Computerized Patient Record through unique integration engine technologies, document to distribution solutions and decision support tools. CPR Technologies continues to look ahead, striving to create the best technology possible that will solve your business needs. Contact a CPR Technologies representative to see how your present and future needs may be met today.

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Plato Data Analyzer Professional is an innovative and unique tool for the collection and analysis of data. Plato Data Analyzer Professional is an easy-to-use, multi-purpose data tracking and decision support tool. You can create a wide variety of applications that combine quick and efficient data collection and powerful dynamic reporting and graphing. Plato Data Analyzer Professional provides you with unlimited ways of designing comprehensive and complete baseline studies, focus reviews, compliance studies, competency studies, privilege profiles and more through easy to use review template and data workshops. Many distributed templates including but not limited to government mandated and in-house reviews, along with others various specialized topics centered around healthcare.


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Plato Data Analyzer Professional Concepts


Plato Data Analyzer Professional empowers the user with the ability to truly capture Review Topic information in a flexible and efficient manner – reducing paper and labor-intensive tasks. We have created a very flexible solution that allows editing and modifying any needed criteria items and staying current with both regulating entity and in-house regulating requirements. By design Plato Data Analyzer Professional helps our customers quickly adapt to changing demands.


Create the review template



Using the built-in review template editor, create new baseline studies with generalized criteria and focus reviews with more granular criteria. Set thresholds and default values for each criterion item, along with report display characteristics. You may create review templates from scratch, add and edit existing review templates, or base new review templates on existing ones.


Enter data against worksheets


 In entering data against reviews, the user may set a number of criterion to a given value all at once, individually set criterion attributes, override practitioner and departmental attributes, track event dates and comments at any criterion level and more. Previously entered studies are readily retrieved, edited, and augmented with new data as the concurrent review progresses. Attribution values include setting Yes/No/NA values, values based on a sliding scale and user defined attribution types such as Physician, Department, Facility, etc. Optional comments at the criteria level may be set.




Run reports against worksheet data


Run any variation of provided reports, such as Comparative Profile, Qualitative Profiles measuring Physician to Department, Department to Facility and any combination therein. Other reports include Quarterly Comparative Profiles, Distribution Qualitative Profiles, General and Percentage compliance reports, and more. Build templates based on the report templates, saving the search criteria for future use and extending the reporting capabilities. For more advanced reporting, an interactive built in report writer is also available that rivals commercial top end report writers.


Run the data analyzer



This unique feature is a visual data modeling tool that allows you to instantly view new relationships simply by dragging data from one location to another. Want to see departmental breakdowns per quarter on specific criterion? Point, click, and drag. Practitioners compared to each other in a specific department, broken down by month? Point, click and drag. The possibilities are endless. Even better, you can print out any view of data you create with your own headers and footers. Finally, instantly graph the new views of your data simply by highlighting the data to chart. Take this Expert Tool into your committee meetings and dynamically alter the presentation for the committee on demand!



Create and run dashboards


Using a Dashboard gives you powerful visual control of your data. Views of this data can be expressed in a variety of Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Pivot Grids, Gauges and Cards with each chart offering options for value or percentage views, various plotting methods, and more. Easily change from one view to another with a simple mouse click. Define and create your own custom dashboards.


Enterprise ready


Create worksheet data entry fields that will be used by the enterprise or a single facility. Assign these fields to attribution tables for automated fill in of associated data.




Assign users to roles and role permission to Plato Data Analyzer review templated for easy administration of users rights and permissions.


Assign roles granular access rights. Add users to roles and assign roles topical rights. Easily make roles facility specific or enterprise wide.


Interface ready


Plato Data Analyzer supports out the box interfaces, including Real Time HL7 and Flat File Interfaces. Customize the incoming interface fields and map them to Plato Data Analyzer entry fields to allow for automated pull in of to be reviewed data. Set up pull list queues so that patient reviews are ‘auto funneled’ through to the data entry fields.


Easy to Start

Getting started with CPR Technologies is a low resource impact proposition. Contact a CPR Technologies Representative today.

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In addition to comprehensive documentation in PDF format, you also get support from our support personnel, product forums and a dedicated help desk system.


Seamless integration with healthcare processes

CPR Technologies Products provide seamless integration with existing healthcare processes and in house computer systems. Boasting 25+ years as an integration technologies company, CPR Technologies provides many off the shelf interface modules for the majority of healthcare hosts, e.g. McKesson, Cerner, Meditech and other host systems supporting a defined messaging standard.


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